00 versus Bread Flour for Pizza

As I try to zoom in on my perfect Neapolitan pizza dough I wanted to do some experimenting around using bread flour versus 00 flour. I had previously used 00 and had good results with it – however with my new recipe I had a couple of rounds of pizza that just didn’t get the rise I wanted. So I decided to make two batches – one using 00 and one using King Arthur bread flour. The results were telling. Here’s the bread flour pizza…

Not a bad looking pie from the top
A good rise on the crust

You can see that this dough got a good rise on it. Now if we compare that to the 00 pizza dough…

Also a good looking pizza. Im not sure my I feel the need to use captions
Also a good rise

So the 00 also got a good rise – but perhaps not the same that I saw on the bread flour dough. That said – I think I’d be happy using either but I think I’ll try to stick to 00 just to keep things closer to a true Neapolitan pizza dough.

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