My 2nd starter bread

So I used the starter I had made from the ‘Flour Water Salt Yeast’ book and tried it with the recipe from the Tartine book.  The bread turned out good!  His process is rather different.  Namely – you dont really let the dough rise before shaping.  Tartine has you mix all of the ingredients, and then let it bulk ferment over 3-4 hours giving it a turn every 30 minutes or so.  In the end, the dough only rises about 20 to 30 percent – nowhere near increasing in size by a factor of 3.  Here are some pictures of the bread, I’ve actually baked using his recipe 3 times now…

The bread was good – definitely had that sour dough taste but I liked it.  The pictures highlight the area Im having issues though.  Getting the dough to not flatten like a pancake.   Ive watched some videos tonight on how others make this bread and Im rather convinced this is a matter of technique.  Im going to try again tomorrow to see how I turn out.

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