If someone asked me to paraphrase this page into one sentence I think it would have to be something like “My name is Jon and I want to spend more of my time doing useful things”.  The word ‘useful’ in this case is entirely subjective as Im only going to be blogging about things I’ve decided fit into that category.  So why am I doing this?  There are a couple of reasons…

  • There is a list of things I’ve always wanted to learn more about and I’ve just never had the time.  The list of things includes a wide variety of items ranging from general knowledge to new skills I want to learn.  Im still working on where Im going to get the time from, but some of this will likely need to come out of existing time consuming areas of my life (sleep comes to mind).
  • Blogging seems to work for me.  I run another blog which initially started out as a means for me to document things I was studying.  I liked it because I could easily reference something I documented or wrote from anywhere I could get internet access.  Then it turned out that other people were finding some of the information useful and I started getting responses, feedback, and questions.  It was great!  I also find that keeping a blog is a good way to keep me motivated.

If you like the blog posts, or think Im wrong(or just crazy), please let me know in the comments!