Back at it

Hi folks. Long time no talk. Im going to try and post an update at least once a week here and see how that goes. A lot has changed since I last posted. I have a new job, we have another kid, and life in general just seems busier. That said – I’m going to try hard to keep up with this.

So this week I decided to buy…

wood…. lots of it….

Im literally dying to find more time to work on some wood working projects and practice tings like hand planing and cutting different joinery. After spending far too long thinking about what to do I decided that doing another work bench would be ideal. Why? Well – the wood is cheap, I’ll get to hand plane the crap out of the wood to flatten it, and Im planning on some cool joinery. As before – I want to do it all by hand so we’ll see how that goes.

So this week I bought all the wood. Twenty 2x4s to start with. Cost me about $100 in total. But before I started doing any work on the bench I decided to re-flatten the top of my existing bench (known henceforth as “bench 1”). When I built that bench – the largest plane I had was a 5 I think and honestly I just wasnt very good at sharpening tools. So I decided to flatten it again using my newish number 8. You can see what a difference that made…

some flat spots….
less flat spots

As you can see – having a larger plane really helped find the flat spots and as long as you keep at it – flattening happens pretty quickly.

After I had tuned up bench 1 I started laminating the top of the new bench (known henceforth as “bench 2”)…

Smaller laminations
Larger laminations

I think this time around is going to be way easier since I’ll have an actual work bench to work on. I can already tell what a difference that is going to make. Having an elevated work bench that is my height and having things like the hold downs makes things way easier. Im also doing the laminations differently. Last time I tried to do like 8 at a time. What a mess that was. This time I’m doing them in groups of 3 boards. Then I’ll laminate those together one at a time so I have some more time and control over the glue up. I also didn’t waste any time planing the sides of the boards so we’ll see how that goes. My theory there is that I lost a lot of width doing that and they are already pretty smooth.

Hoping to get the top laminated this weekend and start flattening it. We shall see how that goes.

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