Baking bread in your home oven

I’ve baked quite a few loaves at this point all using the same recipe so today I decided to try and bake two loaves – one in the dutch oven and another on a pizza stone.  The theory behind the dutch oven seems to be that it helps the bread steam as it bakes and prevents the need for all sorts of weird solutions to adding moisture to your oven as you bake.  The results were about what I expected…

The load on the right is the one from the pizza stone.  It rose more than I thought it would – but was essentially a big blob of dough.  Also – it looked on the verge of burning at about 25 minutes into the bake so I took it out.  Turns out that it wasn’t – at least on the inside.  After it cooled I cut it open and the inside seemed too moist – almost undone.  So I guess that solves my curiosity.  Im wondering if this means that its really hard to bake bread in a wood fired oven.  I had hoped to try that at some point this month so I guess I’ll need to research that more.

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