Being healthier

So here we are – about a week into my being healthier in 2018 experiment.  How are things going you ask?  Well – they started off great.  And then – I got sick…  I’m actually rather depressed about it.  I started the fist 4 days of the year doing exactly what I wanted to do.  I was working out daily, watching what I eat, and making sure I went to bed at a decent time.  Then the cough I had turned into a real flu and took me almost out of commission.  Just today I went and picked up some prescriptions to hopefully clear things up so I can get back on track so Im hoping to resume things normally again this week.  That being said, I have learned some things that I found worth mentioning…

  • You cant bite it all off at once – In my previous attempts to change part of my lifestyle I tried to do it all at once.  For instance – “I will no longer snack outside of meals”.  For me, that just doesn’t work.  In fact, I found that it was making things more difficult for me to change.  So instead of cutting something out entirely, Im now saying “Let’s just have a healthier snack”.   This seems to be working well for me.  While I’m not cutting out snacks, I am now snacking on healthier things and I find that naturally Im doing it less often than I previously would.  This also ties into things like getting up earlier in the morning.  I know with my current sleeping schedule waking up at 5am isn’t feasible.  So now Im working on changing to an earlier bed time and making that become a consistent behavior before I even try getting up earlier.
  • Write things down – Im a goal oriented person almost to a fault in many cases.  There’s a big difference for me to say “I want to lose 20 pounds this year” and “Im want to lose 20 pounds this year and Im going to track it each day”.  Each morning when I wake up I weigh myself and record the weight.  Being able to watch my weight go down (even slightly) gives me more ambition to keep working at it.  Im also looking at getting some type of heart rate monitor so I can start tracking my heart rate on a more consistent basis especially during work outs.  Having data is helpful for me so I can see the trends.
  • Fix little things – One of the things I’ve tried to stop drinking almost entirely is soda.  I’ve been rather successful at this but once and awhile I still crave a coke or something.  To me – this is still a win and caving in once a month on one soda fits within my idea of “Im still doing a good job”.  However – there are other areas where this comes in.  One of my favorite drinks is a gin and tonic.  The majority of the drink is tonic water and I’ve always just bought the bottles of it off the shelf at the store.  While making one the other night I was thinking to myself that the tonic was really sort of soda itself and that was one thing that I was trying not to drink.  So I started doing a little research and found that normal (cheap) tonic water isn’t all that good for you.  It had tons of sodium in it.  So I looked for alternatives and found that for not much more, I can get a different brand of tonic water that, while isn’t good for you, certainly isn’t as bad.

So there you have it – I feel like had it not been for my current illness the first week have gone better but I think Im still doing OK.

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