Day 1 of the “new plan”

I’m not sure what it is – but I feel like I just don’t get as much stuff done as I used to. It sort of feels like I just don’t have as much time to get things done. The one immediate thought I had was that if I could get up earlier, I’d have more free time to get stuff done before the rest of the family gets up and before I have to start work. Now – to be fair, I’ve tried this before and I had sort of settled on the “Im not a morning person” mindset. Im not sure what it is – but I just have the hardest time getting up earlier than I need to.

That said – recently someone told me that they were reading a book that recommended a 4am wake up time. I initially laughed and thought that was totally insane. However – after more reflection I thought I would give it a go for a week and see how things went. So – today was day 1 and I think it went fairly well. Here’s what happened….

The initial plan was to wake up and go right into a workout. The alarm went off at 4 and I managed to get out bed by 4:05. It took me about 10 minutes to get changed, get down to the rowing machine, and get something on the TV to watch. I rowed for 25 minutes and then came upstairs and had breakfast and made coffee. While the coffee cooled I went and took a quick shower. By the time this was all done I was back downstairs drinking my coffee by 5:15. Honestly – Im not sure what took so long, that’s clearly one area I can optimize. I was hoping that by 5am I’d be done and onto the next thing. I spent the 45 minutes knocking a couple of small things off my personal to do list (organizing things, cleaning some stuff, and starting to change the oil on the car). At 6 – I started getting the kids stuff ready for daycare and cleaned the kitchen. By 7 – I had the kids dropped off and was back home. I took my coffee downstairs and started work a little early.

After that – they day progressed quite normally, but I’ll admit that by the early afternoon I could tell I was dragging. The night before I had planned on getting about 7 hours of sleep but it turned out to be more like 5.5. After work – more business as usual. Dinner, played with the kids, and then got them down to bed. That brings me to now.

So I think today went well! Tomorrow I’d like to try and be a little quicker in the AM and also make sure I get 7 hours of sleep so I’ll be off to bed here shortly. Stay tuned for the day 2 update!

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