End of Month 2 summary

Well that happened quickly.  I feel so-so about month 2.  I certainly learned a lot that I didn’t know before but I dont feel like it was as productive as month 1.  Maybe that’s because I have a couple of lingering items that I didnt quite get done.  Namely – the ice stuff but that just takes time to freeze so Im going to continue that into month 3 since it doesn’t actually take much time to do.  I also want to finish reading the book I bought on the history of bourbon so hopefully I can get that done too.   I was also hoping to get better at tasting whiskeys and discerning what kind they are.  I found that in my taste test that was really quite hard.  It was likely sort of foolish of me to think that I could magically get better at that in the course of a month.

So I feel good about month 2 but not as good as I did at the end of month 1.  Not sure what it is exactly.  Maybe I’ll feel better once these last couple items from month 2 are buttoned up.

Month 3 starts now!

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