My first overnight rise bread

I decided to try and overnight rise the other night.  I used a partial whole wheat recipe from one of the books and managed to totally misread the directions.  I had thought that the bread was to rise overnight in the fridge.  Turns out that it was supposed to proof overnight.  So I started at 8pm and then had to get up at 3am to divide and shape the loaves after rising.

The interesting part about it was that it called to proof the loaves in the fridge but in a plastic bag.  After 12 hours it was quite obvious that the bags were limiting the loaves from rising.  I baked them in the afternoon and they turned out good but they didnt rise as much as I thought they should have.  In either case, the bread was good.  Im anxious to try the whole wheat recipe again and see if I can get it to rise some more.

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