March – Bread

March is the month for baking bread.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn how to do and just never taken the time for.  Bread is sort of awesome since it sort of goes with everything.  I’ve resorted to buying loaves of ‘ready-make’ bread from the store that you can ‘finish’ in the oven (that’s whats pictured above).  They’re good – and do a fine job – but I always felt like making bread would be fun so here we are.

I bought some materials ahead of time.  Namely a book that my sister swears by (it better be good (or else)) and another book I found.  I also bought some ‘tools’ for baking.  Namely some storage containers which my sister also said I’d need (although Im wondering if this is just a joke and I don’t really need them), a scraper cutter contraption, some dough scrapers for scraping dough out of a bowl, and lots of flour.  I hear I’ll need that too.

So here goes nothing!

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