More shelving progress

I managed to finish some of the builtins for my tools.  The goal with these was to have a place for all of the tool cases.  Im pretty happy with how it turned out.

Operation ‘Get Shit Off the Floor’ is finally starting to show some progress.  Just getting all of this stuff off the ground free’d up a lot of space in other cabinets to put more things in and got a ton of stuff off the floor.  I finally feel like there isn now both room to park a car as well as room to work.  I also feel like I can see the end of this project.  It’s off in the distance, but I can see it.  All I have left to do it finish two walls, do the paneling, and build my work bench and storage.  Building the workbench is something Im actually looking forward to so Im hoping that this becomes less of a task and more of a fun project again.

More to come soon!

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