Project Laundry room – Done

Finished custom laundry room cabinets
Finished custom laundry room cabinets view 1

Looking at the last post, I see I started this project on October 3rd.  3 months of work to get to where we are now which is much much too long.  But oh well – it can’t be helped – things at work got extremely busy and I just didn’t have the time.  To be fair – I had most of the work done by the end of October.  It took me November and December to do the finishing though.  And – my wife also decided after I installed the cabinets that she wanted ship lap on the back wall which made things interesting.

Im fairly happy with how things turned out.  This was my first time using a full blown router bit set to make raised panel doors.  The cabinet boxes are made of maple plywood but the doors are solid poplar.  The doors are the largest I’ve ever made and I was afraid that each door might weigh more than 15 pounds putting them over the weight rating for using 2 euro style hinges.  Each door came in just under 10 pounds though so it all worked out.  To make the panels I had to edge glue three poplar boards together so I was also worried about being able to see the seams in the wood.  As it stands – you can’t so that’s a bit of a relief.  Its hard to get a good picture, but here’s another angle to look at…

Finished custom laundry room cabinets
Finished custom laundry room cabinets view 2

As usual – I learned a lot during this project.  Some of which I should have known already and I made the same mistakes again but hey – at least I realized I was making the mistakes this time.  Key takeaways from this project in no particular order…

  • Rooms and walls are never ever (really never ever) square so don’t assume they are
  • Always finish everything you can before installation (I waited to do the polyurethane (because I didn’t think I needed to) until after the cabinets were installed.)
  • Walk through each step in your head before you start doing it (many times I would put a nail in or drill a hole and then say “Why did I do that there?”)
  • Wood bends but that doesn’t mean it will stay bent.
  • Take your time – carpentry isn’t a race.

As with any carpentry project – time will tell if I did a good job or not.  As it stands now, Im happy with the outcome but we’ll see how things look in 6 months.


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