Some progress

I sort of feel like most of this week has been me moving things around the garage but not really getting anything done.  Part of the problem with trying to live in a space that you’re working on I guess.  Between the kids running in there to get toys and us wanting to start parking the cars in there again, it’s been a little stressful.  Nonetheless – I’ve made some progress.  

I decided that I needed to start on on end and work my way across.  My hope is that by doing so, I can finish part of the garage and start using it again as I finish the rest.  I’ve started puttying the drywall and sanding which is a ton of work.  Couple that with the fact that Im not really sure what Im doing and it makes for an interesting job.  I’ve also narrowed down what Im going to do on the lower walls…

Im buying cedar fence pickets, cutting the top off of them, and then staining them 4 different colors.  I was on the fence about the grey stain but I’ve been assured by many people who ‘have an eye for this sort of thing’ that it looks good in the mix.  Once I get some back board up I’ll be starting to put them up in a staggered sort of fashion.  One of the problem I ran into though was that the fence pickets were wet from being stored outside.  Im worried that if I stain them wet and put them up that they’ll shrink on the wall leaving gaps.  So this is my attempt at drying them out…

Not pictured here is a fan slowly blowing air in the board stack.  I weighded one of the board last night and again this AM and it lost 20 grams worth of weight.  So I guess thats a good thing, but I sure hope the next load is already dry so I dont have to do this.

My goal for this week is to get the drywall on half of the garage puttied, stained, and primed.  I’d also like to get the backer board up and start installing the lower board wall.  I’ve got quite a bit of other stuff going on this week so we’ll see how much time I have to work on this.

Stay tuned!

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