Starting out

I spent some time the last two nights starting to tear things down in the garage.  I didn’t really have a plan when I started but now things seem to be coming together.  I broke the garage into different sections with work I want to do in each section.  I’m calling it zones A-E.  I drew up some base drawings of what the garage looks like now and then started planning zone A…

My plan is to buy all the materials a zone at a time and complete that one area before moving to the next.  Some things wont work out so easily for that (drywall and painting come to mind) but I really want to get one zone totally finished so I can get a feel for how things will look before I proliferate the design everywhere else.  I’ve decided in zones A and B to leave the bottom 4 feet of the walls exposed so that I can store things like my mower and snow blower underneath them.  Them Im also leaving 17 inches at the top so I can store stuff like bins up there.

More to come soon!

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