Month 1 – End of second week review

Well – what can I say, I’ve been so busy that I totally forgot to do this summary.  I wanted to make sure I got it in though so here it is.  Im still feeling pretty good about this month.  I’ll admit that some of the things Im studying I don’t feel like I have a firm understanding of.  So as I suggested in the last update, I’ve moved on so as not to waste too much time.  My thought is that when it actually comes to an application some of these questions I have floating around might clear themselves up (I hope).  I’ve also decided that once I wrap up a couple more components that I want to get through that Im going to get right into working with the ESP8266.  It’s just sitting there…. staring at me…..  So Im going to start playing with that by using the Arduino IDE.  More to come on that soon!


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