Open Garage hardware prototype v1

Behold.  My first actual prototype for my Open Garage project.  Not much has changed at this point on the code end of things but the code was updated to account for a few things.  Namely, I changed some of the pins I used and also updated how the button worked.  Previously, I had one button to enter wifi config and another to reset the wifi config.  I found an example of how to do different actions based on how long you press the button for.  So now, pressing the button puts you in wifi config mode and holding it down for 5 seconds deletes the wifi config and resets the ESP.

The repo for the code is here if you’re interested in looking at it.

The soldering went fairly well.  The pins for the relays didn’t seem to line up perfectly with the prototyping board but they fit after some slight pushing.  There are some things I would wire differently next time just for the sake of convenience but I think it turned out ok (hey – it works)….

I tried to color code things with red being positive power, yellow being button related, green being sensor related, and blue being relay related.  Hard to see in the first picture, but I also bought stand off clips for the IC I used as well as the ESP board…

The standoffs for the ESP were so tall I could actually put the IC and it’s standoffs underneath the ESP.   The benefit of the standoffs is that I can easily pull the IC and the ESP off the board if I want to reuse them and they also prevent me from overheating the actual IC and ESP pins during soldering.  Pretty slick actually.

So Im pretty happy with how small I was able to make this compared to how big it was on the bread board.  However, now I need to find a way to mount the board on something else.  I just realized that I put the relays too close to the edge so they cover one of the corner mounting holes as well.  Shucks.

At this point – I think future changes will likely be code related.  I actually have an extra pull down resistor soldered on there since I went from 2 buttons to 1 but Im not going to bother taking it off.  Tomorrow night I think I’ll switch this board out with the breadboard version hooked up in the garage and start doing some more testing and then working on the code.

If you’re interested in making one yourself let me know and you might be able to convince to make up a circuit diagram. Let me know.


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