Where did June go?

So here we are.  Im sure you’ve noticed, but there wasn’t a single update post from June.  Im not sure what to say besides that I just literally didn’t have the time.  Im in the middle of changing roles at my job and that’s sucked up a surprising amount of time.  I’ve found myself working 70 hours weeks rather regularly (much of which is my own doing because I just dont know how to slow down).  At any rate -I haven’t had much time time to work on the garage but I do have some updates to share.  

Much of the right side of the garage is done now.  I started operation ‘get shit off the floor to make space to work’ and have had some success in doing that. Above you can see I got all the tools hung back up.  I also finished the cabinets and have packed them full of random things just to make space…

I then realized I didn’t have a good spot for the kids stuff so my lovely wife suggested we build some small cabinets in an unused corner between the doors just for them…

I also finished the bench area and am currently working on continuing the cabinet expansion in my work area…

So I think Im getting close here.  The hard parts that remain are the work bench area and the remaining cabinets which I have yet to design.  So it seems that the garage work will continue.  Sigh.  Oh well – it is what it is.  But I’ve also decided not to stop on other monthly topics so Im going to start a new one for July.  Stay tuned for that and more garage updates as they come.


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  1. Mary says:

    Looking good! Keep it up! 🙂

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