2019 Goals

Here we are – 2019. Yikes. I’ll admit that Im anxious to start the year with a new set of goals. I’ve tried hard the last few years to come up with a set of goals and in attempting to accomplish them has taught me a few things.

First off – I have historically been over ambitious with the goals. The “trying to learn 1 new thing a month” was a great idea which I overcomplicated by adding in deliverables (cough, finishing the garage, cough). The lesson learned here is that if it’s too hard – or simply not possible to do in a given time window – I’ll fail which will likely cause me to fail for the rest of the year.

Second – The goals have to be simple. The older I get, the less time I have in general to do things outside of my normal routine.

Third – If the goal is large, split it into pieces I can build on top of instead of trying to complete them all in one go.

So – where does this leave me? As always – I reserve the right to change these goals on the fly – but this is my first stab at them…

An Apple a day – Yep – just what it sounds like. I don’t do an awesome job eating fruit on a daily basis and I think this is the fix for it. I also hope this helps with one of my other goals below…

Quit the late night snacking – I’m not sure when it started – but in the last year I’ve become terribly bad at late night snacking. I want to cut this out completely. I think initially this will be replacement therapy (AKA – swapping snacks for celery or something). I’d like to quit snacking after dinner with some minor exceptions (popcorn with a movie here and there).

Water – There are far too many days that all of a sudden I realize it’s 2pm and I haven’t drank anything besides coffee. I’m not a Dr – but I think I need to fix that. I’m going to aim to drink 2L of water a day.

A new meal a week – This is sort of a larger goal for me. The biggest piece of it is cooking a new meal once a week. I love cooking – but I honestly get stuck in a rut sometimes. Im hoping that along with this will come better meal planning because I’d really like to get to a point where I go grocery shopping one a week.

Waking up – One thing I’ve learned is that I am most productive in the AM. My wife wakes up at 6am to go to work – I want to start waking up with her each day. If I spend that time hanging out with the kids – or dropping them off early and getting some other work done before work it’s a win in either case.

Develop an exercise routine – Im being intentionally vague here. I had a pretty solid routine a month or two ago that involved rowing over lunch every day. That worked out awesome until I threw my back out doing it. My did I do that? Oh – because I never stretch. So I want to get back to rowing – but I want to prioritize stretching over that. Maybe that means doing yoga more than working out. Not sure yet – but I think this will take some time to develop.

Run two races – See what I’ve done there? Yeah – this “Run a Marathon Goal” thing hasn’t worked out. I’d rather find a couple of fun races to do and I think having one in the spring and one in the fall would be good enough to keep me motivated to work out.

Focus on wood working/carpentry – I have lots of hobbies, but the one I enjoy the most is wood working. I’m at the point with this hobby that I don’t think I can get much more out of learning on my own. I think this means I need to take some classes or finding someone to study under. Im hoping with this goal that I can take a couple of classes during the year to up my game a little.

Reconnect with old friends – Again – just what it sounds. I have a lot of friends that I haven’t talked to at all in a long time or just haven’t done an awesome job keeping up with. I expect this to involve some travel.

Dropping the Starbucks addiction – I’ve gotten in a nasty habit of drinking Starbucks coffee. Lots of it. I see nothing wrong with the amount I’m drinking – but buying a cup once a day (or twice) is likely more money than I need to be spending on coffee. When I was working out of an office that had a Starbucks in it – I bought a cup every morning which I was OK with. The problem now is that since I work from home I have to drive to get it. So between the cost of the coffee – and the mileage – it’s a pretty bad habit. So Im going to spend some time perfecting the perfect cup of coffee I can brew at home.

Get my weight back down to 220 – I’m currently about 235. I’d like to get back down to 220 and see how long I can keep it there.

Learn a foreign language – And because goals wouldn’t be goals without having at least one outrageous one (think of this as my “Run a Marathon” goal for this year) I’d like to try and learn a new language.

And there you have it – my 2019 goals. Let’s see how long I can keep this up.

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