2022 Goals

I feel like this is a little trite – but Im going to try anyways. 2021 was a good year for me but there are lots of areas that I feel could use improvement. As per usual – writing them down seems to help me make sure I at least make an attempt – but having said that I see that didn’t really work out well here. At any rate…

Here are my goals for 2022

1 – Blog more

I run two blogs. This is one of them – the other is a technical one thats more focussed around my day job. In both cases, the blogs serve as a place for me to record my learning. More blogging = more learning so I want to make sure that happens.

2 – Get in shape

I almost laughed out loud writing this one. I enjoy running but really am quite terrible at things like stretching and working out during the winter. So Im going to try and get better about that. As a motivator – I signed myself up for a marathon in the Spring. So we’ll see how that goes.

3 – Read some of these books…

I have a bad habit – and it’s called buying books and not reading them. I think it started with cooking books. The problem is once you start buying books that are on the same general topic, the authors started calling out other authors. Then I end up on Amazon buying their books. And then it happens again etc. I don’t feel totally terrible about the habit as I don’t generally buy new books (I love buying used books on Amazon) but it is becoming a problem where I buy books and just don’t get time to read them.

4 – Wood working (specifically Joinery)

Im not sure why – but I just haven’t found the time to dedicate to wood working this last year. I built a couple of projects, but nothing for myself and not as many things as I’d like. Part of the problem has been finding the motivation to get working. I don’t have a workshop so if I want to use any of my power tools I need to clear out a stall of the garage, move all the kids toys and other things, setup the tools, and the whole time know I need to put it all back away when Im done. AKA – its a lot of work just to get going. That said, my hand tools are entirely in the basement so I think focusing on hand tools wood working will be what I need to do to get moving on it again. I think I have all the tools I need at this point, just need to start in on some projects.

5 – Baking

I love baking. People tell me Im good at it, but I really feel like I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I don’t all of the time get the results Im looking for. So I want to spend some time here understanding the science behind baking with the hope it improves my baking. Please reference goal #3….. I have a ton of baking books…

So that’s about it. There are other things but I hesitate to bite off more than I can chew. I started going trap shooting again last year and really enjoyed that. I’d like to make that more of a habit when the snow clears and maybe even pursue getting a coach. That’s perhaps a more general theme or approach I’d like to take too. Finding people who I can learn from rather than just trying to do this all on my own. If possible – I’d also like to find some folks to mentor if the right opportunity comes up. Having been both in the mentor and mentee positions previously I know how rewarding being on either side of that relationship can be.

Hopefully there will be lots of blogs about the goals above this year!

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