Feeding the bread starter – 1

So I let the starter I created on in the first post sit for 3 days.  Well – actually I let it sit for 2 days and then checked it to find there wasn’t any activity so I let it sit another day.  When I checked it the following day I was glad to see some activity!

Sort of hard to see in the picture but there were bubbles that had popped in the surface and edge of the starter.  Nice!  So the next thing you need to do is feed your starter.  To do that, you throw away 80% of it and replace it with a mix of water and flour like you used to create the starter.  So what I did was took about 1/4 cup out of the starter, put in another bowl like this…

Then I threw out the rest of the starter, and added more flour and water mix to this bowl.  Once again, mix it together by hand to get a thick batter consistency…

Once mixed, scrape the side of the bowl, and cover it back up.  We’ll check it again tomorrow AM to see how it’s doing!


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