Month 2 – End of fourth week review

I just realized I only have 2 days left this month.  Yikes – well I think things are going well.  Im continuing to taste different types of bourbon but I can’t admit that my ability to discern between different whiskeys has gotten any stronger.  I’ve also picked up a book on bourbon which I’ve started to read and had hoped to finish by the end of the month (not sure if I will now).  The book is interesting as it talks about the history behind bourbon and how we got to where we are today.  Pretty interesting so far.  I’ll also admit that I’ve been rather hung up on this ice thing.  I mean – I’ve made some progress on perfectly clear ice – but I haven’t gotten to where I want to be yet which sort of bothers me.  So hopefully I can get that working properly in the immediate future here. I think my goal is going to be to wrap that up and finish the book but that would be a lot of work for 2 days.  The annoying thing about the ice is that between each test I have to wait 36 hours.  Oh well.

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