New PLA filament test print

In my last 3D printing post, I tackled the setup and first print on my new MonoPrice select mini V2 3D printer.  The print turned out great and I was excited to keep printing but that meant I needed some new filament to use for the machine.  As usual – I turned to Amazon to see what I could find for 1.75mm filament.  I ended up finding a reel of filament from a company called 3D Solutech.  It seemed reasonably priced and got lots of great reviews so I decided to give it a try.  In this video, I load the new filament into the machine and run the cat test print again to make sure I got similar results.  My fear was that I’d move to a new project, try printing, get bad results, and then not be sure if it was the filament or something else causing me issues.  Doing another cat print would give me a new baseline to ensure that the new filament was working just as well as the old filament.

Note: I forgot to mention this in the video – but I used the same extruder (200 degrees C) and bed (60 degrees C)temperatures that I had used with the include filament. 


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