Progress continues

The work continues in the garage.  Im finding that dry wall work really is quite awful.  The worst part is the dust.  I should have known better and covered everything up but man does it make a mess.  Regardless I have most of the right side wall completed and primed and I’ve started on the ceiling….

Im pretty happy with how its turning out but its not perfect.  I’d classify it as ‘garage good enough’.  A neighbor of mine with a pick up truck helped me last night go buy the 4×8 sheets I need for the backer board for the lower half of the wall as well as the sheets for building the cabinets.  I managed to get one sheet attached last night before I ran out of steam and called it quits…

The next step is to get all the back board up and then paint it black in case there are gaps in the cedar boards.  I’ve decided that Im going to nail and glue the boards up to make sure they stay.  I think Im getting ahead of myself since the ceiling over this area isn’t completed yet but Im literally dying to get some of the boards on the backer board to see how it looks.  If I finish a section I can quite easily tape it off to prevent dust from getting on it (or just deal with the dust).

So for Wednesday Im not as far as I wanted to be but that cant be helped.  Im still hoping to get the walls and ceiling done on this side of the garage by Sunday.  That way I could start building some of the cabinets and start getting some of this stuff off the floor.

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