Whiskey or Whisky?

Im not sure if you’ve caught on yet – but there are two different spellings for whisk(e)y.  Some spell it with an ‘e’ and others leave the ‘e’ out.  So where did this come from?  And who is spelling it wrong?

Well no one actually.  The spelling depends mostly on where the whiskey comes from.  Whiskey made in the US and Ireland generally has the ‘e’ in it.  Whiskey made elsewhere usually doesn’t.  The difference seems to come from how the word was translated in gaelic but that’s just one of the many stories people tell.  I also heard one about how Scottish whiskey used to be of poor quality so other distillers would add the ‘e’ to distinguish it from the Scottish whiskey.  In any case, its typically about where the whiskey comes from.  However there are some outliers.  Makers Mark for instance doesn’t use the ‘e’ as a means to pay homage to their Scottish heritage.

I for one tend to always spell it with the ‘e’ but that’s just habit at this point.

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